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Emprendimientos Técnicos Industriales LTDA is leader in local production of engineering plastic products since 1960 (termorigid enforced with wood and cotton cellulose fibres known as Micarta o Pertinax). Our procesing systems produce the highest quality in thermoset plastics, meeting international standards and norms such as ASTM, NEMA y DIN.

We work together with our clients to reach a mutual success providing solutions that are supported by our experience and service for each particular requests .


Our history starts in 1964, with the launching of Dielectrica Company SCA. Today, after going through a long path of continuous growth, we built this organization with more than 40 years of trayectory in the market. We are EMPRENDIMIENTOS TECNICOS INDUSTRIALES LTDA.

With our solid experience and knowledge we stablished ourselves as leaders in local production of thermoset plastics enforced with cellulose wood and cotton fibres known as Micarta or Pertinax - this last one is our registered mark.

Our processing systems produce the highest quality in thermoset plastics (Micarta, Pertinax) meeting international quality norms such as ASTM, NEMA y DIN. We custom make simple products to specialized ones to satisfy the different markets and their needs.

The products and services offered in EMTI ltda, combined with our legacy of experience and permanent innovation help our distributors and their clients to reach their success in their day to day requirements.

Rich experience

With more than 40 years of history we are committed to keep building a strong company capable of satisfying the needs of a global dinamic market. Our team combines a diversity of skills, professional formation and experience. All strongly foccused in operations, safety and services to deliver the ighest results to our clients.

Wide variety of products

We have a variety of products for different markets and industries as a result of the combination of production operations using weaves of diverse fibres, such as: cotton, cellulose, glass, Kevlar, Nylon, etc, and resins, such as fenolic, epoxy, poliester, of silicones among others, with the moulding operations in heated presses. We also count with an outstanding group of professionals in diferent areas such as building, marketing, informatic plus the constant research and developement that allow today that our company is able to produce a wide variety of products for the different markets such as transportation, militar space, ballistic, construction, power generation, industrial, etc

DIferentiating for our clients

We service our clients in a variety of ways, sharing our knowledge of local and global markets. We aim to deliver a tangible value to increment their growth and success.

Our complete product line is complemented with our personalized service and custom made production, providing tools to grow rentability in their business. From feasibility analisis to technical consultations. At Emti Ltd we are waiting for you.

Our mission

Our mission is to manufacture and to provide products built in thermoset plastics able to satisfy the client's needs; as well as design solutions and new techologies that support the world environment safety.

At Emprendimentos Técnicos Industriales we have developed a management quality system to satisfy a higher degree of demands. This system contains requirements for the certification of the norms ISO 9001: 2000


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